Dr. Manveen Puri is a Family and Emergency Physician, and a Medical Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces where he holds the rank of Major. Manveen graduated with high distinction from New College (HBSc, 2009) before going on to medical school (MD, 2013) and residency training in Family Medicine (CCFP, 2015) at the University of Toronto. While in medical school. Manveen made a life changing decision to join the Canadian Armed Forces under the Medical Officer Training Plan. From 2015-2020, Manveen served as a General Duty Medical Officer in the Royal Canadian Medical Service. Manveen became a Flight Surgeon and a Basic Dive Medical Officer with the military in 2017 after completing additional training in hypobaric and hyperbaric medicine. While posted to various units in Petawawa and Toronto during this period, Manveen was tasked on domestic and international missions, most notably to Kuwait as a Flight Surgeon on Op IMPACT in 2019. 

While Manveen’s military practice has focused on occupational, operational, and acute care medicine, Manveen has consistently moonlighted in the civilian healthcare system to maintain his skills in Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, and Addictions Medicine. Manveen has served as a rural Emergency Physician for 5 years in various communities in Ontario and currently is a locum Emergency Physician at Grey Bruce Health Services in Southwestern Ontario. In 2020, Manveen was certified by The College of Family Physicians of Canada in Emergency Medicine. Manveen is also a Clinical Associate in Hospitalist Medicine at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto and a Lecturer in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto.

In 2020, Manveen was selected for specialized training by the Canadian Forces prior to service as a Specialist Medical Officer. Manveen is pursuing additional residency training in Internal Medicine at the University of Toronto and will sub-specialize in Infectious Diseases or Critical Care to meet the needs of the Royal Canadian Medical Service.

Over the years, Manveen has sought to develop himself as a Physician Leader. While at the University of Toronto, he served on Governing Council in 2011/2012 and as Chief Resident (Family Medicine) in 2014/2015. Manveen has received both Cressy Award and Arbor Award for his contributions to the University of Toronto community. While posted to 2 Field Ambulance in 2017, Manveen was the Officer Commanding of the Brigade Medical Station. In this role, he led a sub-group of 30 soldiers on large scale multi-national 3 month military Exercise involving over 3000 personnel in rural Alberta. In 2019, Manveen was promoted to Major and appointed Deputy Base Surgeon of 32 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre in Toronto. 

Manveen enjoys the creativity associated with entrepreneurship and sits on the Board of two organizations he has co-founded. In addition to MDconsultants, Manveen is Managing Director of the Medvisory group of companies which provide real estate investment solutions to physicians across Canada.

Manveen lives in the West End of Toronto and enjoys travelling and spending time with his wife, two children, extended family, and circle of close friends from the Greater Toronto Area.

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