Chapter 1: Academics
1.1 Staying focused and achieving academic excellence
1.2 Choosing the right undergraduate program and courses

Chapter 2: Volunteering
2.1 Being the best volunteer you can be
2.2 Volunteering abroad
2.3 What does a meaningful volunteer experience look like?

Chapter 3: Research
3.1 The nine essential secrets for getting involved in research
3.2 Pursuing research abroad during your summers
3.3 Completing an undergraduate thesis project

Chapter 4: Performing your best on the Medical College Admission Test
4 Performing your best on the Medical College Admission Test

Chapter 5: Extracurricular activities
5.1 Getting involved in extracurricular activities
5.2 Managing time between academics and extracurricular activities
5.3 Leadership

Chapter 6: Non-traditional background before medical school
6.1 Engineering
6.2 Graduate studies
6.3 Pharmacy

Chapter 7: International students
7.1 Studying medicine in North America as an international student
7.2 Obtaining a study visa

Chapter 8: Interviews
8 Interviews

Chapter 9: Medical school and beyond
9.1 The medical school curriculum and residency match
9.2 Matching to Canada for residency as a US medical student
9.3 Residency and fellowship
9.4 Working as a Medical Officer in the military
9.5 Physician turned entrepreneur

Chapter 10: Building your soft skills
10.1 Personal branding
10.2 How to network
10.3 Take a leap of faith & learn how to bounce back from failure

Top ten key take home messages


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